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Home & Property Protection

It can not be emphasized enough that PREVENTION of potential wildlife conflicts is the best money and time spent. A properly educated and routine Home & Property inspection can save you from a conflict that could happen tomorrow. Without preventive actions, it is often not a matter of if you will find yourself with unwanted visitors, but when. We can help you whether you wish to do this yourself or hire a professional local company to provide "exclusion services". The latter can be a wise investment but we would be happy to help you avoid some pitfalls that can occur via that option.

Consistent Approach

The proper way to address a wildlife conflict is to step back and recognize that the animal is not the conflict. The conflict is whatever it was that allowed the animal to become the problem you have now. Such as that hole/access point that allowed them to enter, the food that drew them (whether meant for them or not). Only when the "attractant/opportunity" is addressed is any conflict properly addressed and resolved. Removing or killing the animal(s) is a kneejerk reaction, but it is just a temporary band-aid.

Property Management Pro's

Property management providers and Associations often find themselves obligated to appease their tenants and residents to dispatch services when a wildlife concern is brought to their attention. This often means leaving the inspection findings and services up to the discretion of the Operator. It can also mean causing dissention among other residents who will demand that you NOT do anything harmful to the animal(s). At 411, we have a special expertise in helping you manage whatever conflict there may be while appeasing all parties.

Cost Efficient Services

Fact: Coincidentally, the best approach for resolving wildlife conflicts is comprised of solutions that are best for you, your wallet, and for our wildlife. That means they are the most effective, most humane, most science-based, and almost always the least costly!

Myths and Fears

The wildlife removal industry thrives on the perpetuation of myths, inferring fears, and on our kneejerk reactions to "just get rid of it!". Truth is, is that the trap/kill/remove approach is rarely quickly resolved, not as effective as perceived, and often this approach is the most expensive route. Expensive equals your money in their pocket when you are paying for their time and for extra services that you do not need and serve no real purpose towards actually resolving your conflict.



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